• Color Coated Steel Coil

  • Color Coated Steel Coil

  • Color Coated Steel Coil

  • Color Coated Steel Coil

  • Color Coated Steel Coil

Color Coated Steel Coil

Thickness: 0.12-1.2mm
Width: 600-1250mm
Coil Weight: 3-8tons
Inner Diameter: 508/610mm
Paint Film: 15-35 microns 5-10 microns



The prepainted galvanized steel coil is coated with an organic layer, which provides higher anti-corrosion properties and a longer lifespan than that of galvanized steel sheets.

Color steel coil is a flat steel product coated with protective decorative paint. Polymer coatings are available in a variety of colors, as well as in matt, glossy or decorative natural finishes (granite, wood, etc.).


3 layers of packing, inside are kraft paper, water plastic film is in the middle and outside.
GI steel sheet to be covered by steel strips with lock, with inner coil sleeve.

Before buying color steel coil, there are some properties that must be considered. These properties include electrical conductivity, corrosion resistance, density, hardness and impact resistance. First, the metal sheet is a thermal conductor. Therefore, low-conductivity sheets are ideal for insulation, while high-conductivity sheets are used in applications such as refrigeration. Second, the density of the sheet metal must be considered, as it will determine the weight of a given size component. This feature is critical in the aerospace and automotive industries where weight is important.

In addition, the corrosion resistance of color-coated steel coils is also important. This is because some metal sheets can withstand harsh environmental conditions, while others cannot. Therefore, the worksheet you choose should suit your needs. Another property to consider impacts resistance. If the sheet is likely to be subjected to severe bumps and impacts, it is necessary to choose a sheet with high resistance. In addition, metal hardness is also important because it determines the ability of a sheet to resist pressure applied to its surface. There are three types of hardness; Rockwell, Brinell and Vickers. Therefore, the sheet metal you choose should have the hardness you need.

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Production of Color Coated Steel Coil

Color coated galvanized steel coil are mainly used as raw materials for such products. Hot-rolled and cold-rolled coils can be painted without a metal coating; however, in this case, the resistance of the product to atmospheric corrosion is low.

The key steps in the production of pre-painted coils include:

● Pay off the coil

● Pre-cleaned surfaces

● Leveling strip

● Treating and Deoiling with Chemicals

● Primed

● Curing/drying primer in oven

● Apply decorative paint

● Curing/Drying Paint Coatings in the Oven

● Cooling strip

● Control product quality

● Apply a protective film to prevent mechanical damage to the color coating

● Color-coated steel coil

● Slitting into narrow strips and strips and cross-cutting into sheets

The coating process of Color Coated Steel Coil

The coating process is the process of continuously coating steel coils. Coils are uncoiled, welded, rolled, inlet kits, pre-treatment (including chemical degreasing and chemical conversion), primer coating, drying, cooling, top coating, drying, cooling, outlet kits and coils.

Application of  Color Steel Coil

Color-coated coils are mainly used in construction, transportation, home appliances, solar energy, and furniture. Especially in household appliances, plates are mainly used as side door panels of refrigerators, air conditioners, freezers, and washing machines. The color-coated sheet is made of galvanized sheet or galvanized sheet as the base material, which is first subjected to surface pretreatment, then coated with one or more layers, and then baked and cooled.




A wide range of colors and patterns to choose from.

Longer Service Life

Longer Service Life

The organic coating of the PPGI coil acts as a cover for isolation and prevents the sheet from rusting, resulting in a longer service life.

Easy Construction and Installation

Easy Construction and Installation

Easy construction and installation, reducing installation and transport workload and shortening the construction period.

Color coated corrugated steel coil is more aesthetically pleasing, have a longer life and easy to construct.

Major Function

Color coated corrugated steel coil is widely used in construction, electrical appliances, transportation and agriculture.

BuildingElectric applianceTransportationAgricultureOthers
roofing; ventilating duct; handrail; partition panel; etc.refrigerator; washing machine; microwave; DVD; etc.oil tank; road sign; etc.barn; etc.vending machine; game machine; etc.