• Ribbed Steel Bars

  • Ribbed Steel Bars

  • Ribbed Steel Bars

  • Ribbed Steel Bars

  • Ribbed Steel Bars

Ribbed Steel Bars

The commonly used diameters of ribbed steel bars are 6mm, 8mm, 12mm, and 14mm, and the length is generally 12m. Other sizes can be further customized upon consultation.


Ribbed steel bars are small shaped steel products, which are mainly used for the skeleton of steel-energy concrete building components. Ribbed steel bars are usually used in reinforced concrete. The function of their stripes is to increase friction, so that the rebar and concrete bite together and then form one body, which will not twitch under the action of external force. This can improve the strength of concrete. The difference between rebar and plain round steel bars is that the surface will have longitudinal and transverse reinforcements, usually with two longitudinal reinforcements and horizontal reinforcements evenly distributed along the length.

Parameter Table of Ribbed steel bars



● Corrosion Resistance

● Heat Resistance

● High Hardness 

● Low Processingf Costs

● Long Service Time

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Major Function

Applications of Ribbed Steel Bars

● Building construction

● Bridge

● Rod

● Railway 

● Culvert

● Transport infrastructure

Ribbed Steel Bars

Ribbed Steel Bars