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  • Steel Wire Rod

  • Steel Wire Rod

  • Steel Wire Rod

  • Steel Wire Rod

Steel Wire Rod

Specifications: (5.5mm-26mm) 

Package:  wrapped with four line wire rod

Materials: Material Grade: Q195-Q235, SAE1006, SAE1008, SAE1010,SAE1020 

Coil Weight: Around 2tons/coil


There are many varieties of wire rods. The low carbon steel wire rod in the carbon steel wire rod is commonly known as the soft wire, and the medium and high carbon steel wire rod is commonly known as the hard wire. Wire rods have a wide range of uses. Some wire rods can be used directly after rolling, mainly for reinforcement of reinforced concrete and welding structural parts; some are used as raw materials for reprocessing and used after reprocessing. For example, they are drawn into various steel wires, then twisted into wire ropes, or woven into wire mesh; after hot forging or cold forging into rivets; after cold forging and rolling into bolts, and after various cutting processes and Heat treatment to make machine parts or tools; after winding and heat treatment to make springs; wires are widely used in coal, mining, metallurgy, machinery, construction, petroleum, chemical, aviation, electronics, shipping, communications, forestry, aquatic products, railways, and transportation , Light industry and other national economic departments, national defense and military industry departments, etc. With the advancement of production technology, square, hexagonal, fan-shaped and other special-shaped wire rods have appeared; the upper limit of the diameter has been expanded to 38 mm; the weight of the coil has increased from 40-60 kg to 3000 kg. Due to the development of a new post-rolling heat treatment process, the iron oxide scale on the surface of the wire rod has been significantly reduced, and the microstructure and properties have also been greatly improved.


Steel wire rod, The reduction of wire diameter is conducive to reducing further cold working processes, such as pickling, annealing times and drawing passes, reducing various consumption indicators and improving productivity. Therefore, users generally hope to obtain the thinnest wire diameter as possible. Usually the diameter of hot-rolled wire rod is mainly 6.0 and 6.5mm, the lower limit of Chinese standard is 5.5mm, and some countries can produce 5.0mm.

Major Function

Wire rods are generally made of ordinary carbon steel and high-quality carbon steel. According to different steel distribution catalogues and uses, wire rods include ordinary low-carbon steel hot-rolled round wire rods, high-quality carbon steel wire rods, carbon welding rod wire rods, quenched and tempered threaded wire rods, wire rods for wire ropes, and wire rods for piano wires. And stainless steel wire rods, etc

Wire rod is one of the most widely used steel varieties. After rolling, it can be directly used for reinforcement and welded structural parts of reinforced concrete, and can also be used after reprocessing. For example, it is drawn into various specifications of steel wire, then twisted into steel wire rope, woven into steel wire mesh, wound into shape and heat treated into spring; through hot and cold forging into rivets and cold forged and rolled into bolts, screws, etc.; Cutting into heat treatment to make mechanical parts or tools, etc.

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