Mar. 26, 2024

Why Corrugated Steel Roofing is so Popular

Despite steel's susceptibility to corrosion, it remains a popular choice for roofing.


We're often asked why corrugated steel roof sheets, which require corrosion treatment, are still used. The straightforward answer is that they are currently the best option for industrial-scale roofing.


Many commercial construction companies opt for corrugated roofing because its benefits outweigh its drawbacks. Traditional roofing materials like asphalt or roof tiles are often unsuitable for most commercial properties. Corrugated steel roofing, on the other hand, efficiently channels water and moisture off the roof, helping to regulate internal temperatures.


Pressed corrugated steel sheets are created by cold rolling or pressing steel into the characteristic shapes seen on this page. These sheets are fabricated using various substrates such as galvanized steel, stainless steel, anti-corrosive steel, and aluminum, all of which can be coated in any color.


Corrugated profiled steel roof sheets boast a stylish appearance and are simple and rapid to install. Their exceptional strength allows them to withstand heavy loads from weather and other external pressures. Moreover, their lightweight nature makes them easy to handle. Corrugated steel is one of the best and most versatile building materials available. Its cheap, light, robust and easy to cut to shape during construction. Its used in floors, guardrails, cladding and roofing. Shopping centers, warehouses, factories, distribution centers, offices, hospitals, train stations, sports stadiums, and airport terminals, among others, commonly utilize corrugated steel for roofing.


Profiled steel sheets typically come in T-type, wave-type, rib-type, or V-type configurations.


Corrugated Steel Roof Sheets

Advantages of Corrugated Steel Roofing:


- Corrugated steel roofing sheets are exceptionally durable and can last up to a hundred years with proper maintenance.

- Steel roofing sheets are immune to rot and insect infestations such as termites or woodworm.

- Corrugated metal roofing systems are ideally installed on a slope to ensure efficient runoff of rainwater and moisture.

- The sheets undergo chemical treatment during manufacturing to prevent algae growth and corrosion.

- Metal roofs exhibit superior resistance to adverse weather conditions such as thunderstorms, hail, and high winds due to their strength.

- Corrugated metal sheets outperform timber and asphalt in withstanding fires and extreme heat.

- Buildings constructed with steel tend to have better telecommunications, WiFi, and mobile phone signal reception due to steel's lightweight nature compared to most other building materials.


Advantages & Best Features:


Corrugated steel plate roofs made from steel or aluminum boast exceptional longevity, often lasting for at least a hundred years. Minimal maintenance, such as periodic recoating and cut-edge treatment, is typically all that's required to ensure their durability.


Environmentally Sustainable:

Steel roof sheets are highly recyclable and can be repurposed into various products, aligning with our climate emergency policies.


Strong & Lightweight:

Corrugated roofs are both lightweight and remarkably robust, offering flexibility and durability. They are easy to handle, install, and maintain compared to other building options, exerting minimal strain on a building's structure. Steel roof sheets typically weigh between 5kg and 15kg per square meter.


Color Options:

The color options for corrugated roofs are virtually endless. If you're not satisfied with the current color, it's easy to change by hiring a painting contractor.


Disadvantages of Corrugated Steel Roof Sheets:


The primary drawback is the potential for corrosion, especially in cases of poor maintenance. Regular annual or biannual roof inspections are essential to detect any signs of weathering and corrosion before they escalate. Despite the innovative methods manufacturers employ to combat corrosion, neglecting maintenance can lead to weathering issues similar to those experienced with other roofing materials.

Corrugated Steel Roof Sheets