• Hot Rolled Wire Rod

  • Hot Rolled Wire Rod

  • Hot Rolled Wire Rod

  • Hot Rolled Wire Rod

Hot Rolled Wire Rod

Wire rod

Product description: Wire rod also known as wire, usually refers to the small diameter of the round steel plate. The diameter of wire rod is in the range of 5-19 mm (usually 6-9 mm), the lower limit is the minimum size of hot rolled steel section.

According to the steel distribution catalogue, wire includes ordinary low carbon steel hot rolled wire rod, welding wire rod, blasting wire rod, tempering thread wire rod, high quality wire rod. Widely used wire is mainly ordinary low carbon steel hot rolled coil, also known as ordinary wire, it is made of Q195, Q215, Q235 ordinary carbon steel hot rolled from the nominal diameter of 5.5-14.0mm, generally rolled into each plate weight in 100-200kg, now more use of non-torsion high-speed wire rolling mill and control cooling after rolling, The diameter is 5.5-22.0mm and the maximum weight is around 2500kg.


What is the Hot Rolled Wire Rod for?

Steel wire is mainly used in the manufacture of wire and metal products. Dimensions, chemical composition and properties vary depending on the application of the finished product. Low carbon wire rods in coils are used for wire drawing, as well as for making metal mesh and metal products.

Hot Rolled Wire Rod is produced by reducing hot rolled billets into wire coils. It can be manufactured using your choice of carbon, alloy or stainless steel grades. Steel wire can come in many different qualities, including mesh, industrial, cold heading, and high carbon.

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Hot Rolled Wire Rod Application:

Industrial bar

Chrome Bright Sticks for Home, White Goods and Agriculture

Prestressed reinforcement

Electrodes and wires for continuous submerged arc welding

Spring wire

Chain and Welded Mesh

Wires and Strands


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Wide use:

Ordinary wire is mainly used for construction, wire drawing, packaging, welding rod and manufacturing bolts, nuts, rivets and so on. High quality wire, only supply high quality carbon structural steel hot rolled wire rod.

After rolling, it can be directly used for reinforcing reinforcement and welding structural parts of reinforced concrete, and can also be used by reprocessing. After drawing into a variety of specifications of steel wire, then twist into wire rope, woven into wire mesh and winding molding and heat treatment into spring; After hot, cold forging into rivets and cold forging and rolling into bolts, screws, etc.; After cutting into heat treatment into mechanical parts or tools, etc.