Dec. 23, 2022

How to Extend the Life of Galvanized Roofs?

Galvanized roofs are designed to last longer and can withstand harsh weather conditions such as rain, snow and hail. However, it is also extremely important to perform maintenance to prevent and correct any problems that arise. This article will summarize five tips to extend the life of your galvanized roof.

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1. Schedule Regular Roof Inspections

You must inspect your galvanized roof at least twice a year after every severe weather condition. You should be careful how you do this. When performing an inspection, you should check the following.

Has your roof been damaged by snow or hail? This can be identified by ice dams and roof leaks.

Are there any signs of rust or corrosion?

Are there any sealants that have failed. These can be identified by peeling or flaking sealants

Are fasteners missing? It is important to confirm with your manufacturer when fasteners should be replaced, as they have a limited life span.

Are there any movement wear on panels and fasteners?

2. Never ignore leaks

A leaky roof is a disaster in waiting. You need to fix any leaks immediately. Tiny droplets of water can grow over time, damaging your walls, floors and ceilings. Increased moisture can also lead to mold growth, which can lead to allergies and respiratory complications for anyone in the building. Even worse, water can corrode your beams and cause your commercial metal roof to cave in. You can protect everyone inside and the structural integrity of your building by making early roof repairs.

3. Be careful in winter

Your commercial roofing system may require extra care in the winter. Snow, rain and storms can cause damage to your roof. Freezing and thawing cycles can cause ice dams to form, which can damage your roof. The weight of snow can also put a tremendous amount of stress on metal roof beams. You may need to schedule an inspection of your commercial metal roof prior to the first snowfall. In addition, you may need to organize snow removal as part of your winter roof maintenance service.

4. Keep your roof clean

Keeping your roofing system clear of debris is one of the best measures to extend its life. Overhanging tree branches can drop leaves and twigs on your roof. Dirt can trap water on your roof, breeding mold and algae. Plant growth on your roof can cause extensive damage. While you may want to do it yourself, it's best to leave the cleanup to a commercial roofing company. Walking on the wrong edge can cause lasting damage to your roof.

5. Don't let other metals touch your roof

Some metal roofs begin to degrade when they come in contact with copper, brick, concrete and treated wood. Check your roof regularly to make sure there is no debris.

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