Dec. 09, 2022

What Are the Factors That Affect the Life of a Metal Roof?

Whether or not your metal roof will serve you longer depends on its average life span and some of the conditions that come into play. This article will discuss the factors that specifically affect the life of a metal roof.

Color Coated Corrugated Steel Plate

1. Roof Color

You may be surprised to learn that the color of your roof can affect its lifespan. Darker roofs tend to absorb more heat. Light-colored roofs reflect heat, which reduces indoor temperatures.

2. Roof Pitch

Pitch refers to the steepness of the roof system. It affects the life of the roof because steep slopes drain easily, while low slopes drain more slowly. Standing water accelerates wear and tear because it absorbs and weakens the roofing material.

3. Moss

Moss accelerates roof deterioration. Although not common on metal roofs, organic matter on the roof surface can promote moss growth.

4. Weather and Environment 

If you're asking how long a metal roof will last, you should consider nature. Nature is a major factor in shortening the life of a roof. Over time, UV radiation can degrade roofing materials. The specific areas of the roof that are most exposed to the sun deteriorate faster. Every roof is subject to weather-related wear and tear throughout its life cycle. The amount of extreme weather in your area determines the rate at which wear and tear affects your metal roof. 

If you live in an area with snow and a lot of hail, the integrity and finish of your metal roof panels will weaken more quickly. If you have a screwed down sheet metal roof and live in an area where high temperatures are a regular occurrence, the lack of expansion capability will shorten its life because it will have to expand and contract more. 

5. Installation

No matter how durable your metal roof is, it will not last if it is not installed properly.

6. Maintenance Frequency

All roofing systems require maintenance. Metal roofs put busy homeowners at an advantage because they are low-maintenance. But just because they are low-maintenance doesn't mean you don't have to have it inspected. Regular inspections by a licensed roofer can ensure that repairs are made early before problems become bigger.

That's why it's also important to have an annual maintenance check. Over time, the pressure caused by the lack of expansion and contraction of the metal can cause the holes in the gasket to be sanded out by the screws. This can lead to leaks and can shorten the life of a metal roof if maintenance is not performed.

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